The 13th annual ROYAL COILS NATURAL HAIR & BEAUTY EXPO took place on Saturday December 12th in Ft. Lauderdale.  The expo presented by Natural Trendsetters and Royal Coils featured live performances, hair demonstrations and expert panels.

Olga Saretsky of Kikimora Studio amazed the crowd with one of her costumes from her High Fashion Circus be sure to check her out. There were many talented artist networking and displaying their beautiful art in the lobby. Jsun Photography along with Island Vibes Magazine had the pleasure of meeting with fine art and fashion artist Tracy Guiteau, Terri “theILLESTrator” Meredith and the beautiful and talented wedding photographer Yohan, of Skye Dazzel photography.

Olga Saretsky of Kikimora StudioOlga Saretsky

Lalah along with her dancers opened the fashion show with an energetic performance which set the pace for the entire evening. Hair, fashion, African dance, music and an all-round good time. Natural Trendsetters, Ankara Miami and Bijoux were just a few of the people responsible for bringing us this awesome event.