After many years away from Key West for Fantasy Fest my return was not disappointing. We met up with Island vibes magazine early Saturday morning and headed south for the Keys.
We got there, shot some B-roll, visited the Southern most point of the continent and visited the oldest house in Key West. As we made our way through the city we got little hints and clues of the awesomeness of the event ahead.


As the spectators and masqueraders arrived by the bus loads we met with our crew of revelers from Ft. Lauderdale. We had lunch, prepared by Tropical Feast. We enjoyed a sumptuous plate of curry chicken, stew chicken, steamed rice, conch salad and rum cake. After we hydrated with our alcohol infused beverage of choice we headed out to the parade.

These photos and video clips can only depict a fraction of the splendor, energy and excitement that was in the air. People from all corners of the country were out there. From the saints to the sinners, everyone came together ignoring color, gender and race overcoming communication barriers we all partied like it was 1999!