“There are those who believe it’s far more important to place emphasis on how many patrons attend their event at the Republic Bank Decibel Entertainment Festival, we believe there’s greater significance in illustrating how many people we’ve helped.”

Over the years our Festival has seen tremendous growth. For those who crunch the numbers to determine if they are getting enough exposure for their brand, early estimates indicate over 7,500 people will get to experience our three day event featuring theme park attractions, live performances, exhibitor booths, culinary delights, and villages housing arts & crafts, merchandise, as well as gaming facilities for the entire family. However, the number who attend, pale in comparison to the following statistics:

ONE. Decibel currently offered a scholarship opportunity to a stand out individual in the world of costuming and design by partaking in a cosplay competition. This winner gets to spend part of their summer at the Cinema Make-Up School of Hollywood, and be tutored by some of the top special effects professionals in the field.

THREE. Every year we stage several workshops that focus on building awareness amongst industry stakeholders in music, film, fashion and dance. For the year thus far, we already have three scheduled (post Festival) featuring some of the top executives in the business.


SEVENTY. That’s our goal for schools targeted over the period of a given year, at both the secondary and tertiary school levels on our Malta Carib Dream Big School Tour, which introduces pupils to careers in the entertainment sector. There’s bigger numbers here as well: 40,000 – the total number of students we end up connecting with over an eight month period.

TWO HUNDRED. Our even generates jobs for over 200 practitioners in the entertainment sector and beyond, including: make-up artist, productions designers, sound engineers, construction workers, actors, stylists, and various administrative personnel.

The estimated population of Trinidad & Tobago. No we don’t reach that many people… yet. But the ideas that if we can be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of your people across the country, we could eventually spearhead an effort that sees a change in our communities and the way our young people live their lives. To all the teachers, students, artistic individuals, industry stakeholders, corporate citizens, sponsors and nationals, who value the work that we do by contributing to our program; we value each and everyone of you and look forward to staging another amazing edutainment experience!